Scott Ehrenworth Helps Client Get Murder Charge Dismissed in District Court

Attorney Scott Ehrenworth helped a client get his murder charge dismissed on December 19, 2020, in Newport News. General District Court Judge Robert G. Saunders ruled that sufficient cause did not exist to proceed with the case. 

The client was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing a man in the back in order to get him off a pregnant woman – who is the client’s sister-in-law – he was assaulting. Witnesses said an altercation between the man and the woman resulted in him squeezing her, causing the woman to say that she couldn’t breathe. 

One witness told the police that he and the client attempted to pull the assailant off the woman but to no avail. After she said she couldn’t breathe, the client went to the kitchen to retrieve a knife, then returned to the bedroom and stabbed the attacker. 

Attorney Ehrenworth asserted that his client acted in defense of the woman and her unborn child. The client is a furniture store work with no criminal history. 

After hearing the evidence, the judge decided not to send the charge to a grand jury in Newport News Circuit Court.  

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